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TARIK+ROSIN presents the T-REX 2 -- Fully Automatic Rosin Press Console

$ 299.99 $ 399.99

Now you are pressing with more hand pressure needed, you simply adjust the digital settings, pick your best flower, kief, or hash, and let the T-Rex 2 do the rest...

In collaboration with our friends and partners at the Shenzhen Vapors Co...TARIK+ROSIN is proud to present the world's first consumer-focused fully automatic Rosin press....4 engineers...30 tradeshows...2 trips to Amsterdam...15 flights to China...420 + 710 along the way...and of course...Tarik!...and now T-REX 2 is here...and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

If you haven't heard of T-Rex yet, we are happy to welcome you to the brave new world of solvent less extraction.  In spring of 2015, TARIK+ROSIN began developing the very first consumer-focused extraction machine designed to give medical patients in Oregon access to clean, flavorful hash oil by simply applying heat and pressure.

Our T-Rex 2 extracts high grade oil from your favorite flower by using only heat and pressure.  No butane, no C02, no solvents at all.  If you are not familar with rosin,check out this article here:

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All T-Rex 2 have a 90-day warranty

Each Unit Includes the Following:

1 - Gift Box

1 - Power Chord (Please specify your country needs)

1 - T-Rex 2

1 - Dab Tool / Transfer Paper

Don't forget about T-Rex 1[s] -- the highly improved first edition.