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HK Combo (T-Rex 2 w/ E-Nail and Dab Rig in Hard Case)

$ 499.99 $ 700.00

Now you are pressing with more hand pressure needed, you simply adjust the digital settings, pick your best flower, kief, or hash, and let the T-Rex 2 do the rest...

In collaboration with our friends and partners at the Shenzhen Vapors Co...TARIK+ROSIN is proud to present the world's first consumer-focused fully automatic Rosin press....4 engineers...30 tradeshows...2 trips to Amsterdam...15 flights to China...420 + 710 along the way...and of course...Tarik!...and now T-REX 2 is here...and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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All T-Rex 2 have a 90-day warranty

Each Unit Includes the Following:

1 - Gift Box

1 - Power Chord (Please specify your country needs)

1 - T-Rex 2

1 - Dab Tool / Transfer Paper

***HK Combo kit includes a dab rig and an e-nail.

Don't forget about T-Rex 1[s] -- the highly improved first edition.