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In living color, these little bad boys are both torchless and travel ready.  The Tarik+Rosin T-Nails take you from zero to 1000 degrees in an Oregon Minute.  One charge will get you a couple dozen nice hits.  Enjoy bho, Co2, bubble hash, and of course fresh-squeezed Rosin anywhere in style.  Choose from Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink, and Black. The innovative water pipe design gives you a clean hit every time and it's easy to clean.  These T-Nails make great gifts for those who enjoy a discrete and clean style of consuming cannabis.

Each T-Nail Comes with the following:

1 - T-Nail

1 - Gift Box

1 - Silicon Container

1 - Dab Tool / Carb Cap

1 - Replacement Nail

The T-Nail has 90-day exchange warranty.